IDEAS 2024 will be open to the Invited persons only from the following categories:

  1. Official Defence Delegations
  2. IDEAS 2024 VIP's
  3. Ministry of Defence and Government Officials
  4. Media
  5. Trade visitors
  6. Exhibitors’ Guests

Visiting Days



    1. Invited Trade Visitors and Guests of Exhibitors intending to visit the exhibition must PRE-REGISTER (ONLINE) via IDEAS 2024 website.
    2. Visitors invited by an Exhibitor must include Exhibitor Guest Code at the time of PRE-Registration (ONLINE) on IDEAS 2024 Website.
    3. Media Personnel will complete Online Pre-Registration at the Media Accreditation Form available in the Media section of IDEAS 2024 website. Media personnel must provide their passport size photograph online.
    4. Pre-Registration (online) does not grant a Trade visitor the Right of admission at the Fair Ground. Organizer will firmly evaluate the Visitor Applicant.
    5. Only Approved Visitor and Media will be informed via an Email with Q-Jump No. (Electronic ID). If you do not receive a Q-Jump No with-in 07 working days after online registration, it means you have not qualified to visit IDEAS 2024.
    6. If you have received your Q-Jump No via email, you have to follow following Procedure to Visit the show.

      1. Keep the Print out of your Q-Jump No. Email
      2. Keep your Original and Valid CNIC Card (Pakistani National) or Passport (Not Pakistani)
      3. Keep your Business / Job Card confirming your Profession and Job Status details you provided at the time of Pre-registration
      4. Park your Car at the Parking Area of National Coaching Centre (NCC) – see the map.
      5. Come to the Q-Jump Counters at the Visitor’s Registration Cell located at National Coaching Centre (NCC) and collect your entry Badge.
      6. Proceed to the Shuttle Bus Point to the Karachi Expo Centre.
      7. Your CNIC / Passport, Entry Badge and Job/Visiting Card shall be checked at the Gate of Karachi Expo Centre.
    7. All persons attending the exhibition must wear business or service dress
    8. No person under the age of 18 years, including children of exhibitors, will be admitted during the tenancy period.
  • Deadline for Online Pre-Registration

    1. Trade Visitors / Exhibitor’s Guests must complete ONLINE REGISTRATION before 15 OCT 2020. To ensure there is adequate time to process and post accreditation prior to the event
    2. Late submission of Online Application may cause you unexpected delay in accreditation process and there are chances that such applications will be rejected.
  • Caution for misleading unfair information

    1. Any person found to be registering to attend IDEAS 2024 using false information or credentials or deliberately with-holding information will have their application automatically denied and may be liable to prosecution according to the law of government of Pakistan.
  • Onsite Registration Facility (Paid and Limited)

    1. Media Personnel will complete Online Pre-Registration by submitting the Media Accreditation Form, available at the Media section of IDEAS 2024 website. Media personnel must provide their passport size photograph online
    2. Please expect DELEY because it is very limited facility.
    3. For ONSITE Registration you have to provide Invitation of Organizer or Exhibitor. Further you have to show original and valid CNIC / Passport, Business Visiting Card / Job Card and proof your profession / business relevancy with IDEAS 2024.
    4. The Registration Staff has right to reject any application without any prejudice without any explanation (in such a case you required to leave the Registration Area are immediately).

    1. The Entry Badge is not transferable.
    2. All Stand Personnel, Media, Guests, Contractors and Services must ensure that the Official Entry Badge would only be worn by the persons named on at the time of Entry and all the time during at Karachi Expo Centre or any side venues.
    3. The Official Entry Badge remains the property of the Organizers.
    4. Identity checks will be conducted as a condition of entry. Organizer and Security have exclusive right to remove any authorized person from the Karachi Expo Centre. It may also lead to prosecution.
    5. All stand personnel, visitors, academics, guests, stand contractors and service providers should Pre-Register Online. Their names will be subject to a security clearance process.
  • Photography and Video

    1. Photo and Video making are prohibited without expressed permission of the stand holder.
    2. Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) will be in operation at all times during IDEAS 2024. The organizers reserve the right to deliver the CCTV videotapes to the Police or other competent authority as evidence if requested to do so. The contents of such videotapes may be used as evidence in a court of law. For further information contact the Security Manager.
    3. The Organizers reserve the right to film/permit approved third party filming across the show open days of IDEAS 2024. By attending the show, visitors permit the organizers/approved third parties to use any footage taken.

    1. No sponsorship, promotional, marketing, political or prohibited materials may be brought into, used or displayed by any person inside IDEAS 2024 without the express written permission of the organizers.
    2. Any person in possession of non-permitted items will be refused entry to or ejected from the venue and site.
    3. Prohibited items include knives, fireworks, explosives, smoke canisters, aerosols, air-horns, noisemakers, flares, weapons, dangerous or hazardous items, illegal substances, laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles, or any article that may compromise public safety or which may pose a hazard or nuisance to any other person, or any article to be used for a commercial or a charitable purpose.