About Sideline Conferences

The Sideline Conferences (SLCs) at IDEAS are designed to make it more in consonance with current international practices by organizing a two day SLCs program during IDEAS-2016 to be held at the Exhibition Venue.

The Sideline Conferences (SLCs) at IDEAS 2016 would primarily provide a platform to convey, in broad terms, expected future procurement / development plans of Pakistan defence forces so that foreign / domestic organizations interested in offering their products / services come forward with their proposals. The areas that domestic / foreign defence manufacturers would most likely be interested in hearing from the service HQs would be specifications requirements for next-generation battle tanks, specs requirement for selection of next small arms, C2ISR systems for COIN, non-lethal air operations, Design and development of fighter aircraft and naval platforms, etc. Thus it will also provide an opportunity to the likely suppliers in getting information on whom to contact the services headquarters of Pakistan's Military for their queries.

The SLCs would also provide an opportunity to the domestic / foreign suppliers to present their latest technologies including robust ground platforms, explosion resistant vehicles, handling and analysis of big data in defence systems, stand-off and close-in weapon systems, persistent aerial surveillance systems, augmented synthetic training environment systems, autonomous marine systems.

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