Seminar 2014

The Seminar at IDEAS serves as the widely attended interactive platform in the Asian region that present distinctive international outlook for the defence industry.

IDEAS-2018 Seminar will take place on 27th November 2018.


“Emerging Geo-Political Environment and the Threat of Grey Hybrid Conflict : Pakistan's Perspective“

Chief Guest : CJCSC

MOC : Sidra Iqbal

Chair : Munir Akram Former Pakistan’s Permanent Rep to UN

Inaugural Session

1330-1425 hrs Registration of participants
1430 hrs Arrival of Chief Guest
1430-1435 hrs Recitation from the Holy Quran
1335-1440 hrs Welcome Address by DG DEPO
1440-1445 hrs Address by Director General IPS
1448 hrs Handing Over of the Proceedings to the Chair

    Timing Topic Name Of Speaker

    1450-1505 hrs

    21ST Century Great Power Contestation; A catalyst for Gray Hybrid Conflict Mr Javed Jabbar

    Former Federal Minister

    1505-1520 hrs

    Economic Coercion within the Ambit of Grey Hybrid Conflict Amb (Retd) Vladimir Imamovich Norov

    Designate Secy Gen SCO Former Foreign Minister and head of institute for strategic and international studies under President Uzbekistan

    1520-1535 hrs

    Gray Hybrid Conflict: Pakistan's Susceptibility Analysis Lt Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi, HI(M) (Retd)

    Ex Defence Secretary, Pakistan

    1535-1550 hrs

    Grey Hybrid Conflict; Instrument of Contemporary Strategic Coercion Ms. Cynthia McKinney

    Former Congress Women, USA

    1550-1605 hrs

    Non-Geo Warfare (Space & Cyber): National Security Implications

    Mr. Pasi Eronen

    Lead Researcher for Foundation for Defence of Democracies USA

    1605-1620 hrs

    Lawfare: Legal Dimension of Gray Hybrid Warfare Mr. Ahmar Bilal Soofi,

    International Law Expert, Pakistan

    1620-1635 hrs

    Q/A Session

    1635-1640 hrs

    Summing up of the proceedings by Chair

    1640-1655 hrs

    Keynote address by CJCSC

    1655-1700 hrs

    Vote of thanks by DG DEPO

    1700-1705 hrs

    Gift / Souvenir for Chief Guest and speakers and group photo
    Note: Running Hi-Tea