Welcome Seminiar 2015

public-private partnership in defence production & export:
challenges and way forward

At Islamabad. Pakistan

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Public-Private Partnership, Seminar 2015

Recognizing the role of Public-Private Partnerships as the most excellent economic recovery and development tools

As countries are pushing to diversify their economies, broadening their industrial base beyond their traditional sectors and providing jobs for their rapidly growing populations, the preferred model of Public-Private Partnership sharing project risks and asset ownership is increasingly popular as an economic recovery tool for some countries and an advance economic development tool for others.

Understanding the motivation of the public and private sectors are keys to a successful Public-Private Partnership. Besides the attractiveness of assets, clearly defined concessions and a sound business plan, risks are the other factor that have been hovering the market of Public-Private Partnership worldwide and when it comes to a Public-Private Partnership deal, one has to understand the risks and a thorough risks assessment of both parties will drive to a positive closure of a transaction. The opportunities are substantial in the region, but the environment remains complex and is becoming increasingly competitive.

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